Friday, January 13, 2012

i heart u new room

Happy Friday people!!!  I am so excited for this weekend to arrive because we have come to the completion of a pretty major project in our home: the garage transformation into the new office/guest room.  It's time to decorate baby!  ... and organize the living daylight out of it.   This also means that Maximo is finally getting his own man cave, I think it's going to be good for his soul.  

Here is a little shot of the room as you walk through the door.  

The space to the left with the green wall is the closet.  Painting the inside of the closets is a little touch that we added in the house and, because of lack of closet doors, it gives a charming look to an otherwise boring space.  

The space to the right is the desk area.  On Sunday we will pound some pavement at Ikea in search of the perfect shelves, bins, and anything else to organize and beautify that little nook.  

I will be showing you better pictures of the befores and afters of this room and Maximo's little man room as soon as we get both rooms set to go.  Cannot wait!  

Just in time to get the shopping started I read this post from Jen at my go-to home inspiration blog iheartorganizing.  This woman is a genius and her ideas have been life changing for me.  I'm not kidding! Check her out and I get ready to start your bin addiction.

Have a fabulous weekend and get to organizing! 


  1. me encanta delfi!
    no veo la hora de verlo terminado
    te va a quedar todo hermoso!

    que tengas un lindo finde

    Melina ♥

  2. There is nothing like a freshly painted and empty room! It just makes you want to dance around it and decorate everything directly from your heart! Looking forward to see your pics later.