Wednesday, January 11, 2012

gourmet baby

 Today our Lulu turns six months and it was a day we've been curiously waiting for.... it's food time baby!  She is such a chubby, fluffy baby that I am fairly certain that she will have a profound love for food like her mommy.  Not in a gluttonous manner, but it a savoring every morsel, mmmming through every bite, reading cookbooks for fun, watching Top Chef marathons while drooling incessantly sort of way.  Well, she is only six months are her first meal consisted of oatmeal {with a little banana and organic plain yogurt}, but I am determined to give her palette an early introduction to culinary masterpieces like I did with Maximo.  I believe with Bela {as she is my first} I made the mistake of giving her typical baby foods that we simple, super smooth textures and that resulted in a little girl that is an extremely picky and fussy eater.  With Maximo I did the complete opposite.  His taste buds were offered, early on, a wide variety of textures and flavors.  Today he is an amazing eater who devours foods that most adults would shun.  So here's a toast to Luna and to a lifetime of healthy, delicious, and exciting meals.

Mommy loves you Lulu Bear!


  1. loved reading this since i started Spencer on food this week and i swear i feel like i have never done this before! are you trying each food for 3 days to see if they have an allergic reaction? fill me in on other yummy meals! so far he loves bananas but not so excited about the sweet potatoes!

  2. awww cosita!
    bienvenida al mundo de la comida
    ahora no hay vuelta atras jajaja =D
    me acuerdo cuando mis primitos eran chiquitos
    siempre era la vitina o pure de zapallo y batata
    que cosa mas rica! .... mi mama hiso lo mismo
    con mi hermana y conmigo ..siempre ella cocino de
    todo .. nunca nos dio comida para bebe :)
    pero igual mi hermana de chiquita salio mas picky ..
    me on the other hand i eat almost everything =D

    besitos delfi!

    Melina ♥

  3. yeahhh!!! So excited! She likes? Love Max's face! rsrsrs....