Monday, December 5, 2011

thanksgiving {better late then never}

This Thanksgiving was one to remember for me.  Being reunited with my sister and her husband, sharing it with special friends and eating one of the best meals imaginable made this holiday spectacular.

This was the table my sister and I designed.  We are both obsessed with copper {anything} was stunning against creamy white and the brightness of the flowers.  

Camylla made the pinecone name-tags, so ingenious and charming.  

This was the guest of honor, our gorgeous turkey.   I made it with a sage, fresh thyme, basil, garlic butter that I whipped up.  It was stuffed with apple, carrots & sweet potatoes.  The juices were out of this world with the infused flavors.  

In the morning, I watched a bunch of videos in on carving the beast.  With sisi's help we did a darn good job!

Victoria made her famous bread, the best in the world!

We had so much food, it took up the entire buffet and we had to serve in the kitchen as well.  

Some beautiful words of gratitude for so much abundance of blessings from our Heavenly Father we shared before the meal.

...yeah, we even had potato soup, we don't mess around people!

Dessert included tea and madelines, chocolate moossse, chocolate cake, apple crisp pie, pumpkin cream cheese roulade,  vanilla pound loaf.  Pretty much everything one could dream of!  

... and the best part is having it all for breakfast the next morning!

Here are all of the beauties that made the day so fabulous.  ~Love you all!

Now its time for Christmas!!!!!!!!!


  1. this is the cutest party ever!
    i am so sad i did not have my camera
    for thanksgiving dinner! i did not get
    any pictures =D but hey ! i got my iphone now
    so i am good to go! =D

    i love the tea and sweet treats table
    and the fact that you had left overs
    for breakfast.. yumm!!

    Besitos Delfi!


  2. I was gonna post something about thanksgiving, but then I was like "wow!we are in december already!" but better late than never! It was a lovely dinner! The desserts were amazing!!! I really enjoyed it! :)

  3. It's the best Thanksgiving ever!! The food, the friends, the desert, everything was perfect! thank you!!!!! xo