Friday, December 9, 2011

a shorts story

Hello dahlins!  Is everybody nice and toasty today?!  Well, only in South Florida would one be posting about shorts in December.  You see, we have the luxury of enjoying these cropped numbers in 73 degree weather while the rest of the country is freezing their booties off.  Dressing up shorts is such a treat!  You can show of your hard work {running like a freak and gazillions of lunges anyone?} and not have to worry about flashing something unexpected.  It has been an eternity since I have been able to pull these puppies out of my wardrobe {preggos and high-waisted shorts don't mix}, so it is a true delight to do so.  

Winter white all the way.

Even Lulu rocked out her shorts romper and tights.  

For cyber monday I ordered these goods from Forever21 {buy one get one free!}.

...and I think Santa might be dropping these guys at our house!

Here are a few of my favorite looks from Pinterest:

I am currently coveting this lovely blouse to compliment the violet shorts and I am hoping Santa gets the message!

Have an amazing weekend ~ Delfi


  1. Had to check you out since you were coming up in my stats... I love this blog and you and your family are beautiful! Look forward to exploring your blog and getting to know you! Thanks for the shout out in your inspiration column.

  2. Love the pics! You looks so beautiful on sunday with your new floral short! :) Pinterest it's amazing!!!! xo

  3. i seriously want to be a mom of three
    and have your body!

    good job delfi la verdad tanto trabajo
    vale la pena .. estas hermosa!
    y quien como vos en shorts en pleno invierno
    aca hace todo el frio!!!



  4. hey gorgeous :)
    i tagged you for a fun questionnaire <3
    i did it and it was really fun :)
    let me know if you end up doing it
    so i can come back and read it