Thursday, December 22, 2011

capturing christmas

It's 3 days until Christmas and the magic of the season has finally filled my heart.  It took a little while this year.  Why?  Busyness, tiredness... the usual mom of three stuff.  I have to say it was this picture that did it:

We had just spent the day decorating the house and she refused to take the santa hat off for the duration of it.  We read the story of baby Jesus and she fell sound asleep.  Magical.

The house has never looked so lovely for Christmas.

These flowers are a new addition to the decor of the season and I just love them.

We did an impromptu photo-shoot in my bedroom because the light is unsurpassable in this space in the afternoon.  

We have so much to look forward to this 4 day weekend.  Spending Christmas with my sister and her husband {her first Christmas as a married woman}, the return of my beloved best friends Beca and Mikey from L.A., experiencing church on Christmas Eve, Luna's first Christmas morning{!}, the look on Bela and Maximo's faces Christmas morning when they see the massive amounts of gifts under ...err around {our tiny little} tree and so much more it's hard to analyze it all. It's going to be AMAZING and chaotically beautiful.  

Merry Christmas to all and Happy Birthday Jesus!


  1. te juro que me encanta tu casa Delfi!
    me hace acordar a las casas de argentina
    las de vacasiones .. entra tanta luz y estan
    decoradas tan lindas!

    :) los nenes estan hermosos! la gordita
    esta re grande! cuanto tiene ya?

    Melina ♥

  2. sabes que el dia que pises Los Angeles
    te espero con las milanesas y el pure ♥

    y unos matecitos jeje

  3. I can wait to see you!!! AAAHHHHH i'm done with work! tomorrow i'm THERE