Monday, November 14, 2011

weekend details

Hello amigos, I hope everyone is enjoying a stress-free Monday.  I'm so happy to be at home, relaxing while all 3 kids nap and working on this bloggy blog of mine!  What a lovely weekend we had.  It seems to be the theme for every weekend lately and I am so gRaTeFuL for it!  

On Saturday I decided I was in the mood for a red kisser:

and I got to wear my new over the knee socks! 

I did sneak a great picture of Bela on my iphone before leaving for church~

We had a Mexican fiesta at my sisi's.  I'm talking homemade tortillas, homemade guacamole, fresh salsa!  It was unbelievable.  She's been going all out on Saturdays and it has been a true pleasure to devour every morsel.  

Sunday morning we took on 'operation birdhouse'.  I got inspired by the decoration in the kids department in JCrew at Aventura:  painted birdhouses attached to a wall in the girls' room.  I will post about the project in the next day or two once I get the pics ready to go.  

Spontaneously, in the afternoon, we headed to Palm Beach for a lovely walk on Worth Avenue and a delicious meal.

We got the most amazing table at an adorable restaurant tucked away in a little corner of paradise.  

Lulu is in her usual spot, snuggled up in Tia's arms. 

Daddy, Bela and Tio Julio.

Maximo & his new hair... it's really growing on me now.  I love that his beautiful little face is completely showcased and not hiding behind all that hair.

I'm loving this family pic~  

Love Palm Beach, so many memories from my time working there... can't wait to visit once again!


  1. Oh Delfina... loved it! You look really good with the red lipstick! And the socks... hummm... Hot mama.... Love the family picture... gez i miss you guys... i don't think skyping it's enough.. :(

  2. que lindas fotos familiares =)

    esas sonrisas no tienen precio
    y mucho menos la de tu nene comiendo pan
    con manteca jaja ... me imagino el desastre

    la tia es hermana tuya? se parecen muchisimo :)
    super bonita como vos!!

    besitos amiga!