Saturday, November 19, 2011

thanksgiving menu

I am soooOooo delighted to be hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year!!!!  It is a very very special year for me because it will be the first time in 10 years that my sister, Victoria, and I will spend one of my favorite holidays together {since she just moved back to the US after studding medicine in Argentina}.  We are going all out with the menu and "table-scape" so we're been trying to finalize ideas since the big day is just a few days away.  One if my best gal-pals,Camylla will be cooking with us and this is what the menu looks like thus far:

  • Turkey {Delfina}
  • Stuffing {Delfina}
  • Gravy {Delfina}
  • Cranberry sauce {Delfina}
  • Mashed potatoes {Camylla}
  • creamed spinach {Camylla}
  • creamed corn {Camylla}
  • Roasted broccoli {Camylla}
  • Roasted yams, squash & carrots {Delfina}
  • side dish with crunch {TBD} 
  • Best bread everrrrr {Victoria}
  • basil butter {Delfi}
  • Chocolate dessert {Victoria}
  • Pumpkin dessert {Delfina}
  • Apple Pie {Camylla}

I was watching Food Network the other day at my sisi's {since we have no TV it's a rare luxury for me now} and got to see a Thanksgiving special on Bobby Flay's Throwdown {I adore that man!}.  So many great ideas: 
Apple & Sage {hello!} and Bobby rubbed sage butter all over it mmmmm

~with cornbread, apples and sausage {oh my!}

Cranberry sauce 
~Bobby added blackberries and orange zest {love it!}

Pumpkin Bread Pudding
~with a caramel sauce and vanilla bean anglaise {Bobby you are a genius!}

I will keep you posted on the evolution of our menu.  What will be cooking in your kitchen next Thursday?

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