Tuesday, November 15, 2011

operation birdhouse

After moving a year and a half ago into our home, we are now getting into putting personal details throughout.  When I go shopping, I always keep my eyes open for decorating inspiration {seriously, I know from working at Nordstrom that stores will hire very talented visual people that come up with awesome ideas}.  A few months back, I was at J Crew and I noticed in the kid's area that they had painted birdhouses in a row on a small wall and I fell in love with the idea!  

I found these birdhouses at Michaels {for $1.50!!}

We drilled a small hole in the back for the screw to go through.

Then we placed the screw inside ready for installation. 

We got this spray paint at Home Depot.

{Tip:  Don't get too close when spraying the paint, it will drip and leave un-cute marks}

After letting the houses dry for one hour outside, we took measurements to get them spaced out just right. 

Ready to go!

There are 7 birdhouses total and we put up the two ends first, then the middle one.

Lastly, the remaining four were split up in the space between the first three houses.

It came out just right!

I love the pop of color and the modern, simple and whimsical look that they give.  

Keep those eyes open to ideas everywhere you go and make sure to share them here~


  1. la verdad que quedaron hermosas!

    michaels tienen cosas tan baratas!!
    te dan ganas de hacer arts&crafts todo el tiempo

    me encanto el color!


  2. They are so cute!!! I will definitely open my eyes to new ideas!!!!

  3. That turned out sooooo cute, loved it!! Can't wait to see the girls room after its done!! I'm trying to find inspiration to my girls room.. :-/ xoxoxo

  4. I love how that looks!! Such a great idea :)

  5. LOOOOVE the idea! Looks great!! still wiring for the closet pics!! I'm a demanding reader!!!!

  6. I love, love, love this idea! I am addicted to spray paining. At 1st I was going to type that I was addicted to spray paint, but that sounded twisted and wrong. : ) I saw a comment you left on my friend, Karen's blog (Happily Ever After). You're kiddos are adorable! I am looking forward to reading more.

  7. Such a cute and easy decorating idea! I love it!