Monday, November 7, 2011

the good life

Hello there lovely people!  I hope there were great weekends had all around. Ours was spent enjoying this awesome weather we are having in south Florida.  Saturday was a perfect church day, we actually made it to the kids' Sabbath School class and I really enjoyed the sermon and seeing my wonderful friends {especially my friend Camylla's parents that arrived this week, so happy for her!}.  

I was excited to try out a couple of new looks.  I saw a tutorial {check it out here} for a retro eye look that I loved and gave it a go on Saturday.  It's definitely time to start playing with all of my make-up tricks that have been dormant for quite a while now.  We are planning with some of my girlfriends to have a learning session at my house for a girl's night.  You know I'll be posting about our experiments! 

The Missoni skirt finally made it out and I wore one of my new tights.  It was the perfect autumn ensemble and I was so comfortable wearing this.  When Maximo saw me, he told me I looked pretty {in spanish "Mama linda" and for the first time}, it just melted my heart!

We spent Saturday afternoon with my sis making an amazing meal together.  Can I tell you this is a dream come true for me: just hanging out together, cooking, laughing.  I've been waiting years for this!  She baked the best bread I've ever had in my life, not kidding it was amazing.  The change that she made  to the recipe is adding more sugar to the dough.  It made the bread rise a lot more and it was moist and absolute perfection.  One of these days I will post on our bread making skills.

Here is danny with his little monkeys on our way home Saturday night.

* * * * *

Sunday was another day of major productivity on the house.  The closet is alllmmmooost done, so you will get to see it very soon.  In the afternoon we went for a walk on Las Olas.  Max and Bela loved seeing the yachts, birds and bikes out and about.  I wish we could have days like this ALL the time!

My sisi joined us for dinner and we had such a great time talking, laughing and just enjoying
 the good life.  

* * * * * 

Happy Monday and remember to make the most of the best and least of the worst~


  1. que familia hermosa!
    me encanta como vestis a los nenes
    todos tan fashionistas <3

    me alegro que tubiste un lindo fin
    de semana! :) espero que el mio sea mejor
    el proximo finde y no tenga que trabajar tanto!

    besos amiga!





  2. What a gorgeous family!! You looked stunning on Saturday. And tks for the comment, it was nice spending the afternoon in the new house today, hope we can plan a playdate there soon!! xoxo

  3. You all looked so gorgeous on Saturday! Thanks Del, i'm enjoying my family to the fullest!! And I cant wait for our makeup party :)

    Btw I LOVE that first picture of you. It's beautiful!