Wednesday, November 23, 2011

closet revamp

I can say I'm a little embarrassed to show you the before pictures of this closet of mine... but this is no place to hold back now is it?  Since moving in a year and a half ago, I did not move the shoes out of the way once to dust {so wrong!}, I would just swiffer around in a very lazy way.  The set-up of the shoes was not functioning well at all!

Hellllloooo dust bunnies!

The clean-up has begun.  I wiped down every single pair of shoes and moved out the shoes that would constantly slip off the shoe rack. 

Looking better!

I stacked the shoe racks on top of each other and got every single shoe off the floor.

Bela was very impressed with the progress.

I got this hanging shoe rack for Danny, but decided it was way too much of an eye sore.  Buh-bye.   

Here is the final {almost} look of our wardrobe!

I made a little space in the bottom right corner of the shoe rack for some of Danny's shoes.

Some boots and other shoes are hiding behind the long dresses.

We got these awesome shoe storage containers from ikea.  You can check them out here, & they also come in red.  It's amazing how many shoes fit inside and they look so sleek.

I'm very excited to finally have a place, on top of the shoe storage, to display my perfumes.  

The open hanging area has been used to set up my ensemble for the day.

My jackets have a home on the top rack.

`The center area is for all of my dresses and some pants.

Underneath is my fabulous find from the Container Store.  It houses all of my unmentionables, socks and tights.  I lOOooOoVe that it rolls out of the way for easy dusting. 

All the way on the top shelf are some of my handbags and Danny's hats.  I was thinking about getting these bins to put here to store these items, but I'm still unsure.

My belts have a home in this bin that hides in the back of the closet.  

Danny has a fine space in the top right corner for his shirts and jackets.

We also have his ties and belts hung next to my dresses.

A couple of my special shoes are hiding in these bins {which I want two more of and can't find them anywhere!}.  

Facing our closet are our his and hers vanities and in the back is our shower.   {Can you see what I happened to find the other day?!}

A Missoni shower curtain!  

I absolutely love these vanities from Ikea and of course having my own space is a requirement to my sanity.  

This is the look of our space, it's petite but very functional!  I hope you enjoyed the tour~


  1. that is so cute!
    your closet looks perfect now
    Ikea rocks .. i got my furniture
    there and the prices were amazing!

    :D good job love!


  2. Omg Delfina!! Your closet looks amazing!!! It's really needs some clean. lol.... Can't wait to see tomorrow!

  3. I'm impressed! And proud! :)
    Love the drawers from the container store. Very gorgeous!