Sunday, November 20, 2011

black on back

Hello there dahlins!  How was your weekend?  Mine was all together uneventful and a bit draining but we are relishing in the bliss of a job well done on my hubbies end.  On Saturday after enjoying yet another amazing meal by my sisi-poo {this time it was a carb-fest of gnocchi & ciabatta that was nothing short of perfection} hubs went to a my friend Viv's house to install the laminate floors in their new home.  It was the two smaller bedrooms and it took a little longer then expected {he was back Sunday morning and into the afternoon} because he is a perfectionist maniac, but he did an amazing job and I am soOo proud of him thankful we were able to lend a hand.  It was a little rough to have him away and the kids decided to drive momma a little nuts in lieu of napping so that the house could be prepared for Thanksgiving guests.... but we survived!

I am so thankful that when Friday nights come around I get to take a little time to make myself look half decent in preparation for Saturdays.  It's really the only day of the week that I get to play with make-up and anything flirty in my wardrobe {weekday play-dates at the park do not merit such attire}.

I asked my man what color polish he would like to see and black was the request, there you go lover boy!

Lulu Bear decided she would like to start sitting up~ have you ever seen anything so adorable?!  Maximo thought it was really amazing to see her do it and even more so to watch her flop over.

She is becoming more and more infatuated with this little bunny blankie that Camylla gave her.  Too much sweetness to handle!

Have a great Monday~


  1. I loved your black on black look! Forgot to tell you on saturday :) And lulu is getting cuter everyday! When I was holding her saturday i was wondering if she was sitting already? She was pretty sturdy!

  2. LOve the stockings!!! gorgeous!!! Look at you!

  3. what a cute dress!
    te queda hermoso linda!

    =) que alegria que vos y Cami van
    a pasar Thanksgiving juntas!
    El menu se ve super rico!

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    super divertido .. ojala quieras hacerlo

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  4. I have to say that there's nothing more special to remember on Thanksgiving Day than the friends that did amazing things to help us conquer our dreams. And you guys are definetely on that list.. every time we look at those floors we will remember of the sacrifice you all did for us! This will never be forgotten!! xoxoxoXOXOXOxoxoxo from the 4 of us!s2