Wednesday, November 23, 2011

closet revamp

I can say I'm a little embarrassed to show you the before pictures of this closet of mine... but this is no place to hold back now is it?  Since moving in a year and a half ago, I did not move the shoes out of the way once to dust {so wrong!}, I would just swiffer around in a very lazy way.  The set-up of the shoes was not functioning well at all!

Hellllloooo dust bunnies!

The clean-up has begun.  I wiped down every single pair of shoes and moved out the shoes that would constantly slip off the shoe rack. 

Looking better!

I stacked the shoe racks on top of each other and got every single shoe off the floor.

Bela was very impressed with the progress.

I got this hanging shoe rack for Danny, but decided it was way too much of an eye sore.  Buh-bye.   

Here is the final {almost} look of our wardrobe!

I made a little space in the bottom right corner of the shoe rack for some of Danny's shoes.

Some boots and other shoes are hiding behind the long dresses.

We got these awesome shoe storage containers from ikea.  You can check them out here, & they also come in red.  It's amazing how many shoes fit inside and they look so sleek.

I'm very excited to finally have a place, on top of the shoe storage, to display my perfumes.  

The open hanging area has been used to set up my ensemble for the day.

My jackets have a home on the top rack.

`The center area is for all of my dresses and some pants.

Underneath is my fabulous find from the Container Store.  It houses all of my unmentionables, socks and tights.  I lOOooOoVe that it rolls out of the way for easy dusting. 

All the way on the top shelf are some of my handbags and Danny's hats.  I was thinking about getting these bins to put here to store these items, but I'm still unsure.

My belts have a home in this bin that hides in the back of the closet.  

Danny has a fine space in the top right corner for his shirts and jackets.

We also have his ties and belts hung next to my dresses.

A couple of my special shoes are hiding in these bins {which I want two more of and can't find them anywhere!}.  

Facing our closet are our his and hers vanities and in the back is our shower.   {Can you see what I happened to find the other day?!}

A Missoni shower curtain!  

I absolutely love these vanities from Ikea and of course having my own space is a requirement to my sanity.  

This is the look of our space, it's petite but very functional!  I hope you enjoyed the tour~

Sunday, November 20, 2011

black on back

Hello there dahlins!  How was your weekend?  Mine was all together uneventful and a bit draining but we are relishing in the bliss of a job well done on my hubbies end.  On Saturday after enjoying yet another amazing meal by my sisi-poo {this time it was a carb-fest of gnocchi & ciabatta that was nothing short of perfection} hubs went to a my friend Viv's house to install the laminate floors in their new home.  It was the two smaller bedrooms and it took a little longer then expected {he was back Sunday morning and into the afternoon} because he is a perfectionist maniac, but he did an amazing job and I am soOo proud of him thankful we were able to lend a hand.  It was a little rough to have him away and the kids decided to drive momma a little nuts in lieu of napping so that the house could be prepared for Thanksgiving guests.... but we survived!

I am so thankful that when Friday nights come around I get to take a little time to make myself look half decent in preparation for Saturdays.  It's really the only day of the week that I get to play with make-up and anything flirty in my wardrobe {weekday play-dates at the park do not merit such attire}.

I asked my man what color polish he would like to see and black was the request, there you go lover boy!

Lulu Bear decided she would like to start sitting up~ have you ever seen anything so adorable?!  Maximo thought it was really amazing to see her do it and even more so to watch her flop over.

She is becoming more and more infatuated with this little bunny blankie that Camylla gave her.  Too much sweetness to handle!

Have a great Monday~

Saturday, November 19, 2011

thanksgiving menu

I am soooOooo delighted to be hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year!!!!  It is a very very special year for me because it will be the first time in 10 years that my sister, Victoria, and I will spend one of my favorite holidays together {since she just moved back to the US after studding medicine in Argentina}.  We are going all out with the menu and "table-scape" so we're been trying to finalize ideas since the big day is just a few days away.  One if my best gal-pals,Camylla will be cooking with us and this is what the menu looks like thus far:

  • Turkey {Delfina}
  • Stuffing {Delfina}
  • Gravy {Delfina}
  • Cranberry sauce {Delfina}
  • Mashed potatoes {Camylla}
  • creamed spinach {Camylla}
  • creamed corn {Camylla}
  • Roasted broccoli {Camylla}
  • Roasted yams, squash & carrots {Delfina}
  • side dish with crunch {TBD} 
  • Best bread everrrrr {Victoria}
  • basil butter {Delfi}
  • Chocolate dessert {Victoria}
  • Pumpkin dessert {Delfina}
  • Apple Pie {Camylla}

I was watching Food Network the other day at my sisi's {since we have no TV it's a rare luxury for me now} and got to see a Thanksgiving special on Bobby Flay's Throwdown {I adore that man!}.  So many great ideas: 
Apple & Sage {hello!} and Bobby rubbed sage butter all over it mmmmm

~with cornbread, apples and sausage {oh my!}

Cranberry sauce 
~Bobby added blackberries and orange zest {love it!}

Pumpkin Bread Pudding
~with a caramel sauce and vanilla bean anglaise {Bobby you are a genius!}

I will keep you posted on the evolution of our menu.  What will be cooking in your kitchen next Thursday?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

operation birdhouse

After moving a year and a half ago into our home, we are now getting into putting personal details throughout.  When I go shopping, I always keep my eyes open for decorating inspiration {seriously, I know from working at Nordstrom that stores will hire very talented visual people that come up with awesome ideas}.  A few months back, I was at J Crew and I noticed in the kid's area that they had painted birdhouses in a row on a small wall and I fell in love with the idea!  

I found these birdhouses at Michaels {for $1.50!!}

We drilled a small hole in the back for the screw to go through.

Then we placed the screw inside ready for installation. 

We got this spray paint at Home Depot.

{Tip:  Don't get too close when spraying the paint, it will drip and leave un-cute marks}

After letting the houses dry for one hour outside, we took measurements to get them spaced out just right. 

Ready to go!

There are 7 birdhouses total and we put up the two ends first, then the middle one.

Lastly, the remaining four were split up in the space between the first three houses.

It came out just right!

I love the pop of color and the modern, simple and whimsical look that they give.  

Keep those eyes open to ideas everywhere you go and make sure to share them here~