Monday, October 24, 2011

weekend details

Hello Monday, you are back once again WAY too fast.  We had a very nice little weekend.  Saturday we went to church {got there 2 hours later then usual due to the fact that the kids woke up at 9 am, yes NINE AM.  I don't think that has happened in, like, 3 years}, then lunch with my family.  We had one of the most amazing lasagnas and our rendition of crepes suzette for dessert.  Delishhhhhhhhhh!  

Here I am with Bela on our way to church.  

We had a super productive Sunday~ Danny felt motivated to make our lawn look like someone actually lives in our home {lol} and made major progress with *operation transform garage into living space a.k.a. bedroom #4*.  Can't wait to post pics on that project very soon!   The plan is this: once the new room is done, we switch Max into his own room where the guest room used to be {room #3} and Lulu move out of my room and in with Bela.  I will finally transform it into a girly paradise {which I haven't been able to do since Max & Bela have been co-inhabiting room #2} and we will create a man-spcace for Maximo.   We spent the afternoon with my family, out to a delicious Mexican lunch {the best chicken enchiladas in town} and little light shopping for some frames for the girls room.  A great day indeed.

Happy Monday!


  1. Mondays always come too fast!! How cool you guys are turning the garage into a bedroom. Def want to see the progress on this!

  2. It sounds like you had a great weekend Delfina! Cant wait to the see how the rooms turn out!

  3. yay for great Sundays! you look stunning in your Sunday best! adore the blog!!
    xo TJ

  4. hi gorgeous!
    how exiting!
    he is getting his own room.
    i bet he is happy about that!
    Cant wait to see the new deco!

    I am glad you had a wonderful weekend
    and enjoyed your time with the family!

    happy tuesday love!