Thursday, October 13, 2011

lentil lovin

We had a much anticipated lentil night last night.  I guess you can say there is a lot of lentil love in my home, why?  Well let me count the ways: they are super nutritious {high in fiber, protein and iron}, cook quite fast, and the are great for every age under the roof {well except Lulu for the next 3 months}.

Here is what the served plate looks like:

Now, let's show you the lentil way...


2 cups of lentils {I used french lentils from the bulk bins at Whole Foods}
1 red pepper
4 shallots {one regular onion will do, but I love the intensity of shallots}
4 garlic cloves
any type of vegetarian sausage 
splash of soy sauce
1/2 cup of red wine
Herbes de Provence 
salt and pepper to taste
4 cups of water

We begin by slicing the shallots nice and thin.

Then we chop the garlic.

Add both to a warm pot with olive oil and a dash of soy sauce.

Then add the red wine.

While they cook down, we'll prep the lentils.

Rinse them thoroughly and pick out any bad pieces.  

Now we'll add in the veggie sausage.  I love this veggie chorizo from Yves, it has such a great spicy kick~ I highly recommend it.  

Just cut the package open and add it to the pot {you can use any kind of sausage that you like, of course}.

The lentils will go in right after the sausage has a few minutes to start browning.  

Give them a nice stir and make a well in the center.  

It's time for the spices and seasoning. 

Add a little more olive oil, coriander, herbes de provence {crush them with your fingers are you are putting them in the pot to release their natural oils}, and salt and pepper.  Give them a minute to heat up in the oil, then give everything a good mix.

Now we'll add in the chopped red pepper.

It's time to add in the 4 cups of water, stir, cover and let simmer at medium heat for 30 minutes.

Make sure to open up the pot and check things out after 10 minutes to make sure nothing is sticking to the bottom.  

Once the lentils are tender and the consistency is thick, we are ready to plate this puppy.  Make sure you give one last salt test and add a little more if needed before plating.  

I love to serve this on top of a bed of fluffy white or brown rice.

Bon appetite~ I hope you will give it a go and enjoy!



  1. omgsh! I made lentils today too! except no sausage and some tomatoes!!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  3. que cosa mas rica!
    me encanta las lentejas
    mama las hace todo el tiempo!

    besito delfi
    que tengas un lindo finde!


  4. Yummm!! this looks delicious!
    I love me some lentils :)