Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Its been a little rough lately, seriously rough.  Being a mom is the hardest thing I've ever had to do.  I've had a couple mini melt-downs recently.  OVERWHELMED!  Sick children, naughty behavior, 5 am wake-times, refusals to eat, non-stop crying/screaming/whining... the list goes on and on.  But in the mist of all that, there are moments of sweetness that keep me going.  This morning my mom staying with all three babes and I went to Whole Foods at 8 am, had a date and banana muffin and a delectable coffee {which I think must have had happy powder in it because I felt like a million bucks once I finished it}.  It was a very therapeutic experience.

So, I know I need to pamper my self a little more then I have been, now I am going to search out a good natural mask recipe, salt scrub; all that good stuff.  I will have a little spa experience in my bathroom this week.  I'll report back on that one, but let me know if you know of any good recipes, Ok?

The ongoing hunt for my new personal style continues.  I found this gorgeous casual hair-style which I am committed to trying this weekend.  I will be including a pic once I give it a go!

 This skirt and blouse combo is so appealing {I am such a sucker for anything with scalloped edges!}

Hello fall!  I NEED to finally invest in a good trench.  Love the sexy bow in the back of this one.

I've always been sort of obsessed with a nude/cream color palate, so I am indulging myself with the following:


So gorgeous!!!  I will be hunting these items down, or any version of them whatsoever.  We're finally getting somewhere people!

Now for my mini-me {sort-of}:

So perfect for changing season. 

Ok, I feel better already.  Aaahhhh blog healing is the best.


  1. hola linda :)
    gracias por pasarte por mi blog.
    It was really a sweet comment.
    A mi tmb me pone contenta encontrar
    Argentinas en el blogging world :)

    You do have to pamper yourself a little more,
    it ill definitely help you relive stress so
    you can go back to your kids and give the best
    of you :)

    the outfits are super cute .. especialmente los de la nena ;)

    te mando un besito

    fly with me ❤

    fly with me ❤

  2. Love these looks! and you looked gorgeous at the birthday Yesterday!! Cant wait to see your post on the apartment decorating!! I'm gonna hold you to it!
    And ill do a link on my blog :)