Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Details

Hello darlings!  I hope that everyone had a lovely holiday weekend~ I am so happy to say that we had a simply relaxing three days filled with delicious food, laughs and sun.  Saturday we went to church then had all the family at our house for lunch.  We baked these cute little baguettes that were ridiculously delishhhh. 

Sunday was spent at the beach.  I got some nice shots of my babies:

Here is Bela, she has been so difficult lately... making crazy faces whenever I try to take a picture.  Thank goodness with my camera I can capture the moments when she calms down!

Maximo's haircut is a little out of control... I really need to do something about it soon, so I'll keep you posted on the upcoming make-over.

The beach was perfection!

Here is Bela and her Uncle Julio, my brother-in-law.

Bela and her Tia Victoria~ my beautiful sis.

Lulu is just getting chunkier by the second!  Check out those arm rolls...

Monday we went to the place where I get my therapy- Aventura Mall.  I loved checking out what's coming for fall and catching some last minute summer sales.... and of course eating at the Nordstrom Bistro!  This restaurant never seizes to amaze me.  Danny and I shared the chicken goat cheese panini and the rosemary chicken ciabatta sandwich.  I swear the service just keeps getting better.  Wish I had left room for the white chocolate bread pudding.... next time for sure.   

Oh by the way, no Tasty Tuesday today,,, my days are all mixed up now!  But will definitely resume next week, I have so much ymminess to share.  Besitos~


  1. Love the pics! you must be having so much fun with your sis!!! Can't wait for the Max Attack Makeover!! MIss those kids so much!! love you guys! XOXO

  2. Beca~ we are having such an amazing time! Sure wish you were here ..:( Miss you and I think next week the attack is on :-D