Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

So, who is hungry for a delicious and nutritious meal?  The other night I whipped up a speedy, comforting dinner to nourish my sick kiddos back to health.  Both Bela and Max had fevers, sore throats and cranky dispositions for what seemed like forever.  I wanted to make something that would pack a heathy punch with a creamy and flavorful texture. 

These are all of the ingredients from left to right:
lemon dijon mustard - broccoli - carrots - onion - organic navy beans - organic canned tomatoes with roasted garlic - vegetable broth - butternut squash - black pepper- nutmeg - sea salt - thyme - nutritional yeast - soy sauce 

We start with chopped carrots and onions thrown in with olive oil, soy sauce and a spoonful of the mustard on medium to high heat.

Once the veggies start to soften make an open area in the middle, add a little more olive oil and a teaspoon of the thyme and some freshly ground black pepper.  {The oil and the heat help to release the natural oils in the herbs and bring about more intense flavor.}

Next we add in the nutmeg, about 1/2 a teaspoon.

Let all the flavors get to know each other for a few minutes before adding in the cubed squash...

...and give them all a nice vegetable stock bath. 

Once the squash begins to soften {after about 5 minutes} add in the entire can of white beans....

... along with the tomatoes.

Add in a little more stock and now it will cook for about 20 minutes.

Time to bring out the best of all these ingredients with a generous dose of salt and pepper.  

After another 10 minutes, add in the nutritional  yeast  and the texture will become rich and creamy.

Now it's time for the broccoli, add it on top and cove the pot to let it steam for about five minutes. 

Then we stir it all up, turn off the stove, cover the pot and let the last moments of magic take place.  

Finito! To serve, a little fresh finely chopped onion gives great crunch as well as some drizzled olive oil for extra richness.   I served it with a polenta {so easy to make: regular polenta, boiled for five minutes, added butter, pecorino cheese and olive oil and topped with fresh basil} and garlic spinach.  

Presto!  My family truly enjoyed it and it tasted even better the next day for lunch.


  1. OH. MY.WORD!!!!
    Defina that looks so delicious! I seriously drooled!! I'm SOOO trying this recipe like ASAP!! Thanks for the great recipe :)

  2. yum! that looks so good! and healthy!! I've never used nutritional yeast before! maybe i need to get me some. but what is it? and how do u use it?