Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday everybody!  It's been a super relaxing weekend so far {not a single birthday party to attend!, lol}.  We actually got a little sleep, even thought the kiddos were up by 6 am this morning rested to the max after sleeping 12 hours.  I can only fantasize about the day that I get more than 6!  One day....

So today the plan is to go shopping {possibly lots of window shopping depending on our luck}.  On the agenda is bunk beds for Bela and Lulu's room,  fun, modern chairs for Maximo's room & possibly for the girl's room as well. 

Here are so chairs that I love:

This light blue one would be PERFECT for Max

Love this one for Bela

This ghost chair is such a classic, I wish we had gotten one for our house long ago... now there's no more room until we upgrade to a bigger abode.

We are also meeting my sisi, her hubby and my momma for some shopping.  I've been contemplating my wardrobe a lot lately.  It seems that every time I get dressed, the frustration of not finding something that I love to wear is getting more and more serious.  I am not in my 20's, not pregnant, not working... yeah my entire wardrobe {ok, most of it anyway} fits into those three categories.  It's time to make some changes. 

I found this picture on pinterest and it pretty much sums up what I want to wear these days:

So here it goes, the hunt begins.  I love the color palette, the pants, tops, skirts, shoes... I need a personal stylist,,, well at least I have my sis, and my husband... oh and Bela {she's got some strong opinions already as a 3 year old!}.  

Have a beautiful finish to the weekend and wish me luck!

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  1. Love those fun chairs!! It would look perfect in the kids rooms!! Seriously, you have an amazing wardrobe! A girl could only dream to have some of the pieces you have! But these outfits are TOTALLY you!! Good luck my friend, and dont forget to show us the goodies you find!