Thursday, September 29, 2011

En{soy}able Rice Pudding Guest Post

Good Thursday everybody!  Today I am delighted to announce that I will be hanging with Camylla from Simply Me to guest post for her series 'From my home to yours'.  Camylla is one of my best girlfriends and one of the most talented, humorous, charming women I've ever met.  I love reading every single one of her blog posts and the sweet comments that she leaves for me on mine.   Check out my post here.

Let me just tell you that we did a photo-shoot with Lulu yesterday full of vintage, girly loveliness that I cannot wait to show you!!!!  My friend Diana from Diana Germanowicz Photography did the shoot and I had my amazing sis Victoria as co-assistant.  Pics to come soon~ Have a fantastic day!


  1. Woww Look at you linking everything. I'm so proud!! hehe
    I cant wait to see the pictures!!

    encontre tu blog por que la sigo a Camylla
    me pone tan contenta cuando encuentro Argentinas
    que tambien tienen blogs!

    Lei todas tus entries .. y entre los ñoquis
    los alfajorcitos Havanna y el dulce de leche
    me dio unas ganas de tomarme un avion a casa :)

    i am a new follower :)
    asique definitivamente vamos a estar en contacto!

    te mando un besito y tenes una familia hermosa!