Monday, September 12, 2011

3 Birthdays, 2 sleepless nights and 1 awesome purchase

It's safe to say that this social life of ours in wearing me down slightly... Not that I am going to complain in the slightest bit, having the fortune of having an amazing group of friends is nothing to call a set back. I've just been sleep deprived for the past 3 days and it's a little rough to recuperate.  A little blog love should do the trick. 

Friday night we celebrated my friend Diana's 29th birthday with a mustache themed fête.  She even had a photo booth set up to take mustache-on-a-stick shots.  So flippin' cute!  I can't wait to see the pics and I will share as soon as I do. 

Here are my girls right before church.  Goodness I love them so much and I LOVE coordinating their ensembles.  Cannot resist. 

Saturday night an affair "al aire" {outside} to celebrate my friend Camylla's 21st.  We laughed and sweat enough that there was absolutely no point in painting my face or curling my hair, it all just melted away and it was well worth it.  A night to remember without a doubt.  Geez, I love my friends.  Once again, in the middle of dinner, the absence of the friends that have moved away brought about a bit of sadness.  I'm still in my grieving period, I guess.  
Sunday was girls day to celebrate one of Bela's little friends 3rd birthday.  This was a poolside festivity complete with cupcake decorating and a massive bouncy house.  Bela and Lulu thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I managed to act normal on 4 hours {at the most} of sleep.  I'd call it a success.  In the afternoon, Danny ran off alone to check out a mirror that he found on Craig's List.  We have decided to add some vintage touches to our very modern and minimalist bedroom.  On another post I'll talk more of the details of our upcoming projects.  For now I'll show you what the mirror looks like... GORGEOUS! I am enamored with it,, exactly what we were imagining in conversating over the addition that we wanted to make to our love nest.  

The details are just incredible...

Now the debate is weather to paint in or leave it as is, but we'll get to that later.  We lounged around and I took some pictures of my four lovies.  

The two is to celebrate Lulu's two months, she is getting ridiculously big way too fast.  

Danny's been complaining that there are no good shots of him and Luna, well complain no more darling!

I adore this picture!

So now I will try to do my best to make up for lost rest, and gather the strength to make something wonderful in the kitchen to blog about tomorrow.  Until then, good night!

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  1. LOVE the family picture!!
    I cant believe how lucky you are for finding that GORGEOUS mirror!