Thursday, September 29, 2011

En{soy}able Rice Pudding Guest Post

Good Thursday everybody!  Today I am delighted to announce that I will be hanging with Camylla from Simply Me to guest post for her series 'From my home to yours'.  Camylla is one of my best girlfriends and one of the most talented, humorous, charming women I've ever met.  I love reading every single one of her blog posts and the sweet comments that she leaves for me on mine.   Check out my post here.

Let me just tell you that we did a photo-shoot with Lulu yesterday full of vintage, girly loveliness that I cannot wait to show you!!!!  My friend Diana from Diana Germanowicz Photography did the shoot and I had my amazing sis Victoria as co-assistant.  Pics to come soon~ Have a fantastic day!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday everybody!  It's been a super relaxing weekend so far {not a single birthday party to attend!, lol}.  We actually got a little sleep, even thought the kiddos were up by 6 am this morning rested to the max after sleeping 12 hours.  I can only fantasize about the day that I get more than 6!  One day....

So today the plan is to go shopping {possibly lots of window shopping depending on our luck}.  On the agenda is bunk beds for Bela and Lulu's room,  fun, modern chairs for Maximo's room & possibly for the girl's room as well. 

Here are so chairs that I love:

This light blue one would be PERFECT for Max

Love this one for Bela

This ghost chair is such a classic, I wish we had gotten one for our house long ago... now there's no more room until we upgrade to a bigger abode.

We are also meeting my sisi, her hubby and my momma for some shopping.  I've been contemplating my wardrobe a lot lately.  It seems that every time I get dressed, the frustration of not finding something that I love to wear is getting more and more serious.  I am not in my 20's, not pregnant, not working... yeah my entire wardrobe {ok, most of it anyway} fits into those three categories.  It's time to make some changes. 

I found this picture on pinterest and it pretty much sums up what I want to wear these days:

So here it goes, the hunt begins.  I love the color palette, the pants, tops, skirts, shoes... I need a personal stylist,,, well at least I have my sis, and my husband... oh and Bela {she's got some strong opinions already as a 3 year old!}.  

Have a beautiful finish to the weekend and wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

So, who is hungry for a delicious and nutritious meal?  The other night I whipped up a speedy, comforting dinner to nourish my sick kiddos back to health.  Both Bela and Max had fevers, sore throats and cranky dispositions for what seemed like forever.  I wanted to make something that would pack a heathy punch with a creamy and flavorful texture. 

These are all of the ingredients from left to right:
lemon dijon mustard - broccoli - carrots - onion - organic navy beans - organic canned tomatoes with roasted garlic - vegetable broth - butternut squash - black pepper- nutmeg - sea salt - thyme - nutritional yeast - soy sauce 

We start with chopped carrots and onions thrown in with olive oil, soy sauce and a spoonful of the mustard on medium to high heat.

Once the veggies start to soften make an open area in the middle, add a little more olive oil and a teaspoon of the thyme and some freshly ground black pepper.  {The oil and the heat help to release the natural oils in the herbs and bring about more intense flavor.}

Next we add in the nutmeg, about 1/2 a teaspoon.

Let all the flavors get to know each other for a few minutes before adding in the cubed squash...

...and give them all a nice vegetable stock bath. 

Once the squash begins to soften {after about 5 minutes} add in the entire can of white beans....

... along with the tomatoes.

Add in a little more stock and now it will cook for about 20 minutes.

Time to bring out the best of all these ingredients with a generous dose of salt and pepper.  

After another 10 minutes, add in the nutritional  yeast  and the texture will become rich and creamy.

Now it's time for the broccoli, add it on top and cove the pot to let it steam for about five minutes. 

Then we stir it all up, turn off the stove, cover the pot and let the last moments of magic take place.  

Finito! To serve, a little fresh finely chopped onion gives great crunch as well as some drizzled olive oil for extra richness.   I served it with a polenta {so easy to make: regular polenta, boiled for five minutes, added butter, pecorino cheese and olive oil and topped with fresh basil} and garlic spinach.  

Presto!  My family truly enjoyed it and it tasted even better the next day for lunch.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I truly never thought I would see the day when I could walk into a sea of zigzag mania at my local Target.  8 am on the dot, there I stood, infant seat in hand ready to run.  If I hadn't accidentally put Lulu into the wrong shopping cart {the massive ones with the attachment for 2 other kids} and had to switch her to a different one, the flats would have been mine in a size 7.  There was no energy to wrestle the old lady getting them so I left with a 7 1/2 and two other pairs for sisi & my girlfriend Camylla.  Goodness I love them!!!! 

Bela also got a pair and her face when I got home with them was as exciting as when I purchased them.  I've created a shoe addict just like mommy.  Oh boy...

Bela also got the adorable skirt to match.  I think I will try to find the tights,,, with luck!
I got this skirt, which I am obsessed with!!
...and some bins for the bathroom.

I can't find a pic of the fab platter that we got,,, perfect to put on the buffet in the living room.  Unfortunately, the store that I visited didn't get some of the pieces that I REALLY WANTED:

So sad, but maybe, just maybe there will be future shipments... 

Here is a tiny bit of history to help us realize just how awesome it is that we are now able to own such magnificent designs.

Missoni is an Italian fashion house based in Varese. It is famous for its unique knitwear, made from a variety of fabrics in colourful patterns. The company was founded by Ottavio ("Tai") and Rosita Missoni in 1953.

They are just too cute, those two!  They have a granddaughter named Margherita who has become the young ambassador for the brand.  Boy does she have an amazing personal style and {I imagine} a dreamier than dreamy wardrobe!  

Molto bene!  Ok, on that note arrivederci ~ and goodnight. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

3 Birthdays, 2 sleepless nights and 1 awesome purchase

It's safe to say that this social life of ours in wearing me down slightly... Not that I am going to complain in the slightest bit, having the fortune of having an amazing group of friends is nothing to call a set back. I've just been sleep deprived for the past 3 days and it's a little rough to recuperate.  A little blog love should do the trick. 

Friday night we celebrated my friend Diana's 29th birthday with a mustache themed fĂȘte.  She even had a photo booth set up to take mustache-on-a-stick shots.  So flippin' cute!  I can't wait to see the pics and I will share as soon as I do. 

Here are my girls right before church.  Goodness I love them so much and I LOVE coordinating their ensembles.  Cannot resist. 

Saturday night an affair "al aire" {outside} to celebrate my friend Camylla's 21st.  We laughed and sweat enough that there was absolutely no point in painting my face or curling my hair, it all just melted away and it was well worth it.  A night to remember without a doubt.  Geez, I love my friends.  Once again, in the middle of dinner, the absence of the friends that have moved away brought about a bit of sadness.  I'm still in my grieving period, I guess.  
Sunday was girls day to celebrate one of Bela's little friends 3rd birthday.  This was a poolside festivity complete with cupcake decorating and a massive bouncy house.  Bela and Lulu thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I managed to act normal on 4 hours {at the most} of sleep.  I'd call it a success.  In the afternoon, Danny ran off alone to check out a mirror that he found on Craig's List.  We have decided to add some vintage touches to our very modern and minimalist bedroom.  On another post I'll talk more of the details of our upcoming projects.  For now I'll show you what the mirror looks like... GORGEOUS! I am enamored with it,, exactly what we were imagining in conversating over the addition that we wanted to make to our love nest.  

The details are just incredible...

Now the debate is weather to paint in or leave it as is, but we'll get to that later.  We lounged around and I took some pictures of my four lovies.  

The two is to celebrate Lulu's two months, she is getting ridiculously big way too fast.  

Danny's been complaining that there are no good shots of him and Luna, well complain no more darling!

I adore this picture!

So now I will try to do my best to make up for lost rest, and gather the strength to make something wonderful in the kitchen to blog about tomorrow.  Until then, good night!