Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

Last night my mom {who is staying with us for a while since the arrival of Lulu} made gnocchi.  I decided it was the perfect moment to document her recipe {or I should say non-recipe since she never uses one for anything other then cakes}.  Here it is:

We start by boiling 6 peeled medium potatoes until they're nice and tender.  Then we mash them and let them cool to room temperature for a couple of hours.   Next we add some salt and a bit of flour {I would say one cup}.

Now we add one egg:

The hands are a cooks best friend so don't be afraid to get nice and dirty during this process.  Mix the mixture together until you have a nice uniform dough without any lumps.  

Bring the dough together, kneading it until you can create long, thin strips.

Then we cut one inch pieces...

...and do a little technique we'll call forking it:  gently roll the dough over a fork with enough pressure to leave little lines on the gnocci and a nice rounded shape.

After repeting this hundreds of times we have our bellissimo gnocchi!

Bring a large pot of water to a boil and gently add them in a spatula-full at a time. 

When they rise to the top, they are ready to go, this will only take a couple of minutes.  In order to maintain the tender pillowy texture be very very sure not to overcook them.  

Gently drain the beauties.

We made a very simple sauce of fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic and of course plenty of salt and pepper. 

Add garlic and olive oil into the pot.

Now the gnocchi go back in with plenty of good quality olive oil.

The tomato sauce goes in along with some fresh parmesan cheese.

...and voila dinner is ready!  {This is my amazing mom}

We served the gnocchi with a simple arugula, lemon and olive oil salad.

So delicious!  I hope you enjoyed and feel inspired to make them for your families and friends~ Ciao!


  1. Ummmm... WOW!!! first of all the pictures are SO professional!! I love the quality! This recipe looks so easy to make and may I add FREAKIN DELICIOUS!!! Thanks for the great recipe :)

  2. wow!!! Delfina!!! like Camylla said. Your photos looks amazing! And with the photos looks essayer to do! Your mom is rock!!! xoxo

  3. That looks soooooo good!! I love homemade gnocchi so much better than store-bought. No comparison!! Just be sure danny chews his food...

  4. this looks amazing! i've always wanted to know how to make gnocci. thanks for sharing!

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