Monday, August 29, 2011

Mother of all weekends

This Saturday and Sunday felt like four weekends packed into 48 hours.  Since having the baby, exactly 7 weeks ago today, I haven't had even close to this much action and I have to admit although I did a fair share of complaining, I loved every minute of it.  

Saturday afternoon, after rushing home from a lovely Sabbath at church, we ate whatever we could find in the fridge to survive (not what I normally like to do for Sabbath lunch) so that we could drive to Miami to meet up with my older brother Mariano, his four month preggo girlfriend Florencia and his gorgeous 7 year old son Dante.  We drove an hour and a half (most of it stopped in crazy Miami traffic) to the FontainBleau Hotel.  It was well worth the drive to see such a beautiful building, incredible pools and perfectly tan, glowing creatures in fabulous bathing suits walking about.  I don't get out much lately (as in the last 3 years) so this was such a treat.  I wish I could have captured more of the images I witnessed, but I will share a photo I found of the pool areas of the hotel.
The time that I was able to spend with my family was such a gift.  The kids got to play in the pool with Tio Mariano and their cousin, I got to chat baby stuff with Flor.  It was just awesome to be able to do what we're never able since they live in Argentina.  I love them all so much and really appreciate the moments we have together.  
Dinner was a delicate feast, great conversation and a little stress from the kids behaving like wild animals in a fine restaurant.  At least they are so adorable that no one wanted to kick us out.  :) To my dear brother, please warn me before inviting us to such a lovely restaurant so that I can mentally prepare them!  Scarpetta was amazing and I can only dream of tasting that delectable food again soon~ maybe on a future date night... 

Sunday morning I rose with the sun to run to Target to finish birthday gift shopping for the two, yes TWO parties of the day {why oh why must I leave everything to the last minute?}.  The first party was for an adorable two year old, Vicky.  It was a Sesame Street theme and every morsel served was vegan, vegan and undoubtably delicious!!  Vicky's mom and grandma really went all out and every detail was perfection.  The party was in a breezy, shady spot in a lovely park and we got so lucky that the was not a sign of rain.  

Unfortunately this was not the case for party #2.  This was for the cutest 2 year old blondie Leonardo.  He was having a scuba themed party in a water-park but just as the party was supposed to get started it started pouring rain, the park was shut down, and the party moved to the Payan residence.  Regardless, everyone had a great time, the food was delicious and the kids went wild with all of their little friends.  I loved seeing my fabulous girlfriends and their hubbies, chatting it up and just enjoying being together.  However this was the first party I've had to experience without my besties Rebeca and Mikey, I will say that was rough.  I really felt their absence.  Sad.

After the party I dropped my sweaty, sticky, smelly, chocolate dipped children and husband at home and went to meet my bro, Flor and Dante and one of my favorite places on earth:  Buybuybaby.  We shopped for their baby until the store closed and kicked us out.  They got the most beautiful Bugaboo Chameleon in dark gray and orange, love it!  I have to say baby shopping absolutely never gets old... I was beyond exhausted but was such on an adrenaline hight it's ridiculous.  We had dinner at my house which consisted of my mom's home-made pizza (the best ever) and my home-made Ferrero Rocher ice cream.  It was a perfect night and a wonderful 2 days that I will definitely remember always.  


  1. WOW!! Look at you all adventurous. I seriously look up to you for not stopping yourself from having fun because of the kiddos. So many moms out there have no life after they have children! You had a fabulous weekend Delfina, and i'm so happy I got to see you on Sunday :)
    I really missed Becca too, but soon she'll be here visiting. We should come up with a plan to hide her under our bed or something so she can miss the plain and never leave! MUAAHAHHAHAHAHA hehe we can talk over the details later!

    Keep up the good work girly! I want to see updates everyday!!

  2. haha, like the plan Ca, and don't worry about getting me there, i'll slide right under! lol I am SOOOO happy you started this blog my friend! FINALLY!!! i miss you sooo much!! so excited to have another great blog to read!!!