Friday, January 13, 2012

i heart u new room

Happy Friday people!!!  I am so excited for this weekend to arrive because we have come to the completion of a pretty major project in our home: the garage transformation into the new office/guest room.  It's time to decorate baby!  ... and organize the living daylight out of it.   This also means that Maximo is finally getting his own man cave, I think it's going to be good for his soul.  

Here is a little shot of the room as you walk through the door.  

The space to the left with the green wall is the closet.  Painting the inside of the closets is a little touch that we added in the house and, because of lack of closet doors, it gives a charming look to an otherwise boring space.  

The space to the right is the desk area.  On Sunday we will pound some pavement at Ikea in search of the perfect shelves, bins, and anything else to organize and beautify that little nook.  

I will be showing you better pictures of the befores and afters of this room and Maximo's little man room as soon as we get both rooms set to go.  Cannot wait!  

Just in time to get the shopping started I read this post from Jen at my go-to home inspiration blog iheartorganizing.  This woman is a genius and her ideas have been life changing for me.  I'm not kidding! Check her out and I get ready to start your bin addiction.

Have a fabulous weekend and get to organizing! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

gourmet baby

 Today our Lulu turns six months and it was a day we've been curiously waiting for.... it's food time baby!  She is such a chubby, fluffy baby that I am fairly certain that she will have a profound love for food like her mommy.  Not in a gluttonous manner, but it a savoring every morsel, mmmming through every bite, reading cookbooks for fun, watching Top Chef marathons while drooling incessantly sort of way.  Well, she is only six months are her first meal consisted of oatmeal {with a little banana and organic plain yogurt}, but I am determined to give her palette an early introduction to culinary masterpieces like I did with Maximo.  I believe with Bela {as she is my first} I made the mistake of giving her typical baby foods that we simple, super smooth textures and that resulted in a little girl that is an extremely picky and fussy eater.  With Maximo I did the complete opposite.  His taste buds were offered, early on, a wide variety of textures and flavors.  Today he is an amazing eater who devours foods that most adults would shun.  So here's a toast to Luna and to a lifetime of healthy, delicious, and exciting meals.

Mommy loves you Lulu Bear!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

kiddo craft christmas party

The week before Christmas I hosted a get together for the kids and their little pals for an afternoon of craftalishious fun.  With all of the amazing ideas I had been gathering from pinterest and after reading this post from a fellow bloggy mommy Megan, I was totally inspired to host such a soiree.  I printed pictures of some of my favorite crafts and had them on the table for reference along with every bit of crafting goodies I could get my hands on.  

This is how the work space turned out.

For munching we served brownie truffle and strawberry santa hats...

... I made an orange lemon cake, filled it with a ricotta cream with blackberry and dark chocolate and covered it in creme chantilly and almonds.

...and of course Rudolf cupcakes.  These happen to be vegan carrot cupcakes that my friend Vivian created.  They are off the hook delicious!

Before the festivities began Luna was relaxing with her buddy Tristan.  

Little Bribri joined in... are they not the cutest babies ever?!

These are the big sister in the back, Nicole and Bela, keeping a close eye!

My good friend Julie and her daughter Victoria joined us.  

Bela got right to work when it was time to begin.  She's a bit of a crafting addict.

Nicole did an amazing job; here is Viv and her daughter Vicky making an adorable Rudolf. 

This is my special helper Fe, without her presence things would have been slightly outta control. 

Maximo and Leo had some fun on their own {Max is not the craftiest kid you ever met}.

How cute is this wreath!!!

Bribri with her mom Vivian and Tristan with his mom Jeanne.

Here are the kiddos showing off their adorable projects.

Of course it's not a party until they start jumping!

We also had a secret santa gift exchange.  They had such a great time giving each other the gifts!

I can honestly say they each got AMAZING gifts and they moms went all out of this one.  Good job ladies!!!

This was our entire group~ This is our first year and I know it will become a yearly tradition.  The question is who's hosting next Christmas season!  I heard a lot of talk from all the mommas... I definitely know who will be taking a little break ... oh yeah! 

... well I am thinking of hosting one for Valentine's Day.  Somebody slap me!  

Monday, January 2, 2012

our story + seven

Today my exquisite husband and I celebrate 7 years of a truly blissful marriage.  I thought I would share with you {in a concise manner} our love story. 

I was 21 and working for Lancome at Nordstrom.   One day out of the blue a customer of mine {who also worked for Nordies in the men's department} walked up to the counter with the cutest lad I'd ever seen {I knew she was married with 3 kids and that definitely was not her husband, I thought it might be her brother}.  She told me what she needed and I walked to the stockroom with this feeling of sheer excitement and I told whoever it was that was in the stockroom, that outside stood the man of my dreams.  Never in my life has I been so forward, I was usually the type of gal that was super shy, reserved and old fashioned.  Not this time, people.  Three days later I saw him walk by, out the door and into the Cafe.  Thirst took over my ability to continue working so I made my way in and asked for a water.  I went to add a straw to my drink which happened to be where he was waiting for his to be made.  He began a conversation with me right away, I invited him to join me on my lunch break {spent at Borders}, shared my chapstick {who does that?} and we've been inseparable ever since.  A year later we got engaged, a year and a half after that, we moved across the country, got married and 7 years later we have 3 children. We are happier, more challenged, and more in tune with each other then ever.  I cannot say this is a walk in the park, no way!  However, we are both completely and utterly committed to our family.  Today, with the stress of parenthood and lack of sleep, I am amazed that we laugh out loud every single day, we hug and kiss like the first days of our union and I cannot imagine my life without this incredible human being.  

Here are some shots of our awesome day:

This is one of my favorite pictures of the whole event. 

The perfect kiss.

The wedding was very intimate with just our closest friends and family {a total of 30 people}.  In the wedding party {from left to right} My BF Gaby, my sis Victoria, my brother in-law David, my bro Alex and Danny's cousin Filipe.  


Now we've rung in 2012.  We are in such a sublime and stable place at this moment.   We have 3 children who blow us away with their beauty, brains and the love they ignite.  We have a family that surrounds, supports, loves and helps us in ways that one would only dream of.  We have friends that through these years here in Florida have become to be our family because without them our life would not hold the richness that it holds.  Our house in coming together with a ton of projects being completed and we love living in a space that perfectly reflects who we are.  

Happy New Year ~ Happy Anniversary to the love of my life.